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theme was revenge for jojo 60 min

LEG GUITAR REVENGE and lisa lisa is much better at it 


i love FF





stop making sports anime with boys and make sports anime with girls

make sports anime with girls that don’t involve their breasts jiggling when they stand up and don’t use every possible camera angel to get in panty shots




Disadvantages to being on vacation with your parents: trying to explain the humor behind the juxtaposition of a looping gif of an anime character posing frantically and an old j-pop song.

Why isn’t there a JJBA GEDDAN video where instead of emulating cartridge tilting they just do a bunch of Jojo poses.

Why is Facebook recommending that I like the Facebook page on Facebook?

Polnareff really needed to make some “But I am not left handed” reference.

What is it with shitty Kristoph Gavin fanmixes and Chopin?

Sometimes I’m really pretentious about my taste in music and then sometimes

I s2g I have a twitch in my thigh in the same spot where my phone is so I can never tell whether I just got a text or if it’s just me.

I’ve gone, what, 3 mixes since I included a song by Angelspit or from the MGR:R OST? This needs to be fixed… 

I fucking can’t

ngl as soon as I started planning this week of shitposts I started to put every dumb jokepost idea into my drafts, even if it was something that would normally get nixed further up the line in the creative process.